About Us

We have been involved with Clumbers since 1992.  Garth (Clussexx Party on Garth) joined our family in August of 1992 and our second Clumber, Danielle, (Clussexx Dancing Bear) in February of 1993.  In August of 1994 Marguerite (CH Tanelorn's Miss T) joined our Clumber family as our first show quality girl, and, in November of 2000 Justine (CH Quail Hollows St. Augustine) joined Marguerite in the show ring.  Although we bred both Marguerite and Justine several times, we did not get our first litter until after Michelle (CH Vishnu Anais Del Cypres) joined the crew in January 2006.  Michelle had her first litter of puppies on May 5th 2008 and her second litter on March 26th 2011.  Pierre (Helices Pierre Elliott Trudeau) - the Clumber in the picture from above) is the only puppy we kept from both litters.

We added Emilie (Jazzin's Sunny Side Up) on December 2012 to our family.  From our 2015 litter we added a puppy, Juliette (Helices Juliette Binoche), to our Clumber family (Juliette is the daughter of Emilie and Pierre).

Update:    We are breeding Juliette in June of 2018.  Juliette's hips are OFA Excellent and                      her elbows are OFA Normal!   Juliette gave birth to a beautiful boy on August                      20th!